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August 2022 Retro Gaming Article

August 1, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Sony fears a Microsoft acquisition of COD could influence gamers to the Xbox platform

Sony fears a Microsoft acquisition of COD
Microsoft's planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard makes Sony think gamers could be led toward Xbox hardware to play COD.
I've read a few articles about Sony's woes that gamers might defect to Microsoft consoles to play COD and it makes me think some folks have too much money. I'll admit I've never played COD, but I've gamed a lifetime and I've never bought hardware based on a game title. I've sought out the best hardware and assume the games will follow. I know lots of gamers have multiple consoles, but would you spend upwards of $500 to play a game that migrated to another platform?

No, not me.

I understad the importance of COD and it's stellar reputation - still haven't ever played it. However, at the "gamer in their living room" level, would they buy an Xbox simply because COD became a Microsoft product via business acquisition? I look at it through my love for Nintendo's Splatoon. I think it's a masterful game, but if it were available on Xbox, I'd enjoy my Nintendo Switch and not care.

What if the situation became more dire? Suppose Splatoon 3 became an Xbox exclusive... Would I buy an Xbox? Nope. I'd have to find an alternative game. Perhaps this paints the difference between lust and obsession. I'll give you an example of an arcade game I loved and how much I wanted an arcade accurate home release.


Vanguard - the amazing 4-way space shooter distributed by Centuri in 1981.

I played Vanguard every time I went to Nathan's Hot Dog restaurant. Then there were times I went to Nathan's just to play Vanguard. A version came out for the Atari 2600 and then the 5200, but It wasn't arcade accurate and the 5200 controllers were too unreliable. I craved that game. No, really craved it. Such a good game.

It came out on a few other platforms, but I didn't own them. So I waited 2018 when SNK 40th Anniversary Collection was released for Nintendo Switch... containing an arcade version of Vanguard. Yes, I waited 37 years for this game. No, I'm not going to buy an Xbox for COD, if the merger goes through.

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