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First Quarter 2022 - January, February, and March

After nearly two years of varying pandemic conditions, the rich got richer and everyone else suffered the consequences of new COVID variants brought on by the uneducated anti-maskers and hoax folks. The first year we stayed home from work and gamed. The following year, the rich ordered us back to work so the 1% would continue to benefit from our labor... and we still played games even though gas and groceries were inflated to ridiculous costs. Game on!

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March 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

March 26, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Target's round bollards were decked out like Kirby for launch of the new Switch game

Target's round bollards were decorated for the Kirby launch
My local Target didn't decorate for the Kirby release, but it seems that many others did.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land on Nintendo Switch With the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, some Target stores are decorating their anti-car bollards with some Kirby style. These locations sport Kirby smiling and others, inhaling. The large cement balls are iconic to Target's storefronts, but are likely put in place to keep vehicles from hitting the building.

It's been a while since a large Nintendo franchise has released for the Switch. This 3D platformer is a welcome addition to the library. Along with Kirby's "copy" mode, you can also have a second player control Bandana Waddle Dee as you both explore this new world.

Did you pick up this new Kirby game yet? Let us know if your Target had their cement balls pinked-up for the launch!

Target's round bollards were decorated for the Kirby launch
March 25, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Offering digital versions, in previous years, during COVID, E3 has been completely cancelled for 2022

E3 logo
With such a downturn over the last several years, can they come back next year in 2023 after a complete absence?
After going digital-only due to COVID, it seems odd that the entire event has been cancelled this year. I guess it's only the politicians who think COVID is over. I'm eager to see what E3 has in-store next year. Can they make a physical in-person event in 2023?

March 23, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With several EPs in their catalog, Blackpink has still only released one full-length album

Fans of Blackpink are craving another album. It's been almost two years!
To see Blackpink live is to see where this group really shines. The intricate dance routines are nothing short of a full cardio workout and they perform flawlessly while singing. It's truly a sight to see. Their routines are so far beyond most pop stars with a troupe of backup dancers.

And their hit songs are really catchy. I dig them and respect their talents. Living in the US, it's hard for me to understand the code and circumstance to being a K-Pop star. It seems quite controlled and strict as far a management goes. The girls don't seem to have a lot of autonomy over their music. I wish they were free to release music more regularly without such large gaps in their releases.

Blackpink's next comeback album
March 22, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After deafening silence, Intellivision releases an uboxing video of the Amico console

Intellivision releases Amico uboxing video
They're seeking an investor (still in financial trouble) but they made contact and raised hopes a little bit.
About two years past the day I placed my order and several missed deadlines by the Intellivision folks, backers wait for any morsel of info about the fate of the Amico console. Communications were good, but as more deadlines came and went, it seemed as though we weren't getting the whole picture. Finally it seemed that Intellivision's status was dire. They were close to being broke.

Recently, some automated emails went out to those who'd pre-ordered from various retailers. these emails ranged from cancelations to "your order is about to ship," People freaked out and Intellivision was silent. Online groups an chats were aglow with anger, speculation and despair. The console we hoped to soon receive was nearing an end. A bad ending. The kind of ending where you don't get the cool game console shipped to your home.

Two days later, Intellivision emails a video to their mailing list. It has an unboxing video. My first thought was how awesome the packaging is and my hope of the Amico journey ending well got a small boost. Obviously, any chance of the Amico coming to market seems to rely on a buyout or significant investor buy-in. I'm still hopeful they can pull it off. What we perceive as outsiders is often very different from the internal reality.

Check out the Amico unboxing video below and check out how much thought went into the box and internal packaging. Very cool. Here's hoping the Amico comes to market!

March 20, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Another outcry from Amico fans not understanding email algorithms in the retail sector

Amico automated emails
I'm not saying the intellivision Amico is not in trouble, but an automated email from a retailer doesn't spell disaster.
The Intellivision Amico project is in trouble. Chip shortages amidst a global pandemic set the launch date way off schedule. People living in our increasingly divisive world see only two possible outcomes.
  1. The Amico console will ship next month
  2. The Amico project is a scam
Popular opinion now supports the "Scam" camp. Apparently Amazon in Canada sent out cancelation emails to those who had pre-ordered the Amico video game console. Thus the projet has died in their eyes. However, some folks pre-ordered from GameStop and just received an email from GameStop claiming the launch is mere weeks away. So who do you believe. No one!

These emails are triggered by algorithms based on a criteria that was probably last reviewed six months ago. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating but these emails are not a real-time indication of the Amico's viability. Business is a strange beast if you've never been on the inside track. Neither Amazon nor GameStop has any idea about the Amico's current status.

When an airline cancels a flight, we don't assume they've just gone out of business. If your local grocer is out of Doritos, it doesn't mean Pepsi-Co has gone under. I'm sure your grocer's purchasing department miscalculated demand. Check the soda aisle for Pepsi and Mt. Dew. I'm sure all is well in snack-ville.

The Amico's fate is independent from retail emails and whiney YouTubers.
So, an automated email about a purchase shouldn't trigger doom and gloom. And such reactions shouldn't be pumped out on social media as some sort of truth. Everyone is so hellbent on being the first to break news, no one bothers to fact check the info.

Yes, the Amico project has problems. The certainty of product delivery is in doubt. Claiming the entire effort is a scam because Amazon sent you an automated cancelation email is lazy. Stop following any content creator that can't discern between official communications and rumors & assumptions. I've seen many accounts on social media suddenly claiming the Amico is a scam similar to the ill-fated Coleco Chameleon. Nonsense!

When Tallarico or the new head of Intellivision conveys news, you can take that as a reliable source. Pissed off YouTubers are a waste of space and time. The Amico project has missed several deadlines for delivery which is likely what prompted the Amazon emails. Even GameStop's misguided message was likely a date-based communication having no bearing or relation to current situations.

With all this uproar, I'm sure an intellivision representative will attempt to clarify the current situation and perhaps do some damage control. If you pre-ordered an Amico and waited this long for delivery, why not wait to get info from someone who actually knows what is going on. Maybe the project is dead. Maybe they've found alternate financing. Don't interpret the situation based on the ramblings of content creators eager to get more clicks.
March 18, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

VR has never been more consumer-ready, but does Meta have enough forward innovation for Quest 2?

Facebook Meta Quest 2 Oculus
Facebook began with social media, but has expanded primarily via acquisition and duplication - not from inner innovation.
I've watched VR over the last few decades and it's made major inroads lately into consumer acceptance, from $10,000 setups in the 80s, to PSVR and Oculus. Price being one of the larger consumer obstacles, both Sony and Meta/Facebook have come to market with really cool options. The issue for me with Meta's product (Oculus) is the company's overall lack of innovation.

Facebook has expanded to the point that they created the company umbrella, Meta, to be the overarching brand for their continued expansion. They bought Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus among others. Apart from outright buying up it's competitors, Meta has a long history of duplicating good ideas pioneered by other companies. For me, Meta lacks an inner innovation model. They don't create as much as they buy & copy things they want to include under Meta.

Meta/Facebook expands through acquisitions. I don't consider them an innovation company.
Some of us were introduced to the Metaverse concept through scifi adventures like Ready Player One. If you look at where Meta is with that project... it looks like a hybrid of Club Penguin and Paw Patrol. With all the natural beauty of our planet, why would I want to be immersed in a world that looks like a children's cartoon?

Maybe I'm jaded (I am), but I don't view Meta as a leader in any category. They borrow and assimilate. This leaves them as perennial followers in an industry shaped by innovation. In my opinion, Facebook is past it's useful life and Instagram feel like it's fast approaching extinction.

So what will Meta bring to VR? I'm guessing, not much. Even their advertising is telling of their inability to lead. Sure they bought one of the most promising VR companies (Oculus), but all the current ads show pictures of the hardware and people wearing it. OK, where are the games? The software? What can I play on it. Gamers either have consoles or PC backgrounds and are the most likely first adopters of VR tech... so what can we do with it? Show us a game screen now and then.

Their Quest 2 VR product isn't even a household name at this time. I don't see the hardware at GameStop - maybe it's hidden in there somewhere. I don't ever hear about games for Quest 2. I couldn't name a single developer. At the end of the day, I can't think of a single reason why I'd ever buy a Quest 2. I see pictures of the headset in numerous online ads, but I don't really care what it looks like as much as what it can do. Meta doesn't advertise any games or capabilities. What is it for? Who is it for?Show me a game. A screenshot even!

Facebook Meta Quest 2 Oculus My son has an Oculus and I gave it a try - surprisingly, I really liked it. I only played a simple shooter game, but it came at me from all angles and was a lot of fun. Prior to this, I assumed I'd hate the experience. The game I played was in a white "room" with little to no detail, but the action was unique enough (meaning 360 degree action) that I could ignore the lack of graphics.

As a gamer, I'm accustomed to consoles delivering more realistic graphics with each hardware release. From my limited experience with the Quest 2, it strikes me as a device in it's infancy. In a way it is, but I expected something closer to PlayStation-level graphics... not a white room.

Granted I need to explore the Quest 2 device more to assess it's value for me as a gamer, I worry that this will be another one-hit-wonder in the Meta arsenal. Like most of their products, I fear it will receive minimal improvement based on how Meta allows most of it's properties to languish. The Quest 2 is priced to sell, but they need to demonstrate how much value will come with that purchase. I want to see software and games along with upgrade paths for the hardware. Get to it, Zuck!

March 10, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It's March 10th! Happy Mar10 Day!

Happy Mar10 Day!
With Mario all over every Nintendo platform, which console and which Mario game will you be playing today?
I'm always tempted to delve back into the NES platformers, but I became obsessed with the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World with the added Bowser's Fury content. Even though one of my favorites is Super Mario Bros. on the Wii because my son and I used to play it relentlessly!

March 5, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The savagely difficult video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix and iam8bit has merch

video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix
Cuphead's animation style pays tribute to the 1920s & 30s era of Rubber Hose Animation in which charatcers arms and legs were animated like rubber hoses with no joints.
I was instantly drawn tot he visuals of the Cuphead video game having grown up watching this style of cartoon on TV. The fact that it was so cute, yet there were sinister vibes galore drew me in. Then there was the difficulty. It's a savagely difficult game. When it was released for Switch, I was dying to give it a try. My son had a copy and we dove in. Naturally, I was frustrated within minutes.

Still love it, but in smaller doses so my head doesn't expode. It'sa great style of art and iam8bit has come out with some great merch

From iam8bit's email email:
Extra! Extra! Cuphead, Mugman, Ms.Chalice, Elder Kettle, King Dice, and yes indeedy, The Devil himself have arrived on Netflix! That's right, today marks the launch of The Cuphead Show! and to celebrate iam8bit has teamed up with Studio MDHR and Netflix to bring you a lovingly crafted collection of wares featuring your favorite porcelain pals. Treat yourself to some stylish socks, a limited-edition art print, and much more!
video game Cuphead has a show on Netflix
March 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Check out this shirt with with a nod to Suicidal Tendencies' song Institutionalized, with the Pepsi Reference

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi
Sometimes I try to do things and it just doesn't work out the way I wanted too
And I get real frustrated, and its like
And I try hard to do it and take my time
And it just doesn't work out the way I want it too
It's like I concentrate on it real hard but it just doesn't work outSometimes I try to do things and it just doesn't work out the way I wanted too
Suicidal Tendencies song, Institutionalized - Pepsi t-shirt And I get real frustrated, and its like
And I try hard to do it and take my time
And it just doesn't work out the way I want it too
It's like I concentrate on it real hard but it just doesn't work out
And everything I do and everything I try, it never turns out
It's like I need time to figure these things out
But there's always someone there going

Hey Mike: You know we've been noticing you've been having a lot of problems lately
You know, maybe you get away, and like maybe you should talk about it,
You'll feel a lot better

And I go: No it's okay, you know I'll figure it out
Just leave me alone I'll figure it out
You know I'll just work it on myself,

And they go: Well you know if you want to talk about it I'll be here, you know
And you'll probably feel a lot better if you talk about it, so want don't you talk about it

And I go: No I don't want to, I'm okay, I'll figure it out myself
And they just keep bugging me and they just keep bugging me
And it builds up inside

So you're gonna be institutionalized
You'll come out brainwashed with bloodshot eyes
You won't have any say
They'll brainwash you until you see their way

I'm not crazy - institution
You're the one who's crazy - institution
You're driving me crazy - institution
They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy - myself

I was in my room and I was just like staring at the wall thinking about everything
But then again I was thinking about nothing
And then my mom came in and I didn't even know she was there she called my name
And I didn't even hear it, and then she started screaming: MIKE! MIKE!
And I go: What, what's the matter?
And she goes: What's the matter with you?
I go: There's nothing wrong mom
And she goes: Don't tell me that, you're on drugs!
And I go: No mom I'm not on drugs I'm okay, I was just thinking you know,
Why don't you get me a Pepsi
And she goes: No you're on drugs!
I go: Mom I'm okay, I'm just thinking
She goes: No you're not thinking, you're on drugs! Normal people don't act that way!
I go: Mom just give me a Pepsi, please
All I want is a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me
All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me
Just a Pepsi

They give you a white shirt with long sleeves
Tied around you're back, you're treated like thieves
Drug you up because they're lazy
It's too much work to help a crazy

I'm not crazy - institution
You're the one who's crazy - institution
You're driving me crazy - institution
They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy - myself

I was sitting in my room and my mom and my dad came in
And they pulled up a chair and they sat down, they go:
Mike, we need to talk to you
And I go: Okay what's the matter
They go:
Me and your mom have been noticing lately that you've been having a lot of problems,
You've been going off for no reason and we're afraid you're gonna hurt somebody,
We're afraid you're gonna hurt yourself
So we decided that it would be in your interest if we put you somewhere
Where you could get the help that you need
And I go: Wait, what are you talking about, we decided!?
My best interest?! How do you know what's my best interest is?
How can you say what my best interest is? What are you trying to say, I'm crazy?
When I went to your schools, I went to your churches,
I went to your institutional learning facilities?! So how can you say I'm crazy?

They say they're gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I'll be dead

I'm not crazy - institution
You're the one who's crazy - institution
You're driving me crazy - institution
They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution

To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy - myself

It doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a car anyway
March 5, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Be wary of buying/donating to help Ukraine. Some options benefit the cause, most offer very little.

Kenny Loggins Nightwatch billboard with Kiss solo albums in the background
Limited Run Games altered the colors on their shirts, but how much of the cost goes to help Ukrainians versus giving money to an aid organization?
Most people trying to support the Ukrainians, are doing so with honesty and integrity, but opportunities to help spring up with alarming speed. There are aid organizations that specialize in converting donor money into real assistance to those in need. Buying t-shirts from folks who donate partial profits is not terribly effective and shouldn't be interpreted as doing your part.

I'm sure Limited Run Games' heart is in the right place, but how many t-shirt sales are needed to make a difference. Too often we get lured into doing something charitable that feels right, but doesn't really have the intended benefit that piqued our interest in the first place.

When I see folks in countries bordering Ukraine going to train and bus stations to offer room in their homes to incoming refugees, that seems like a gesture offering real benefit. Actually helping a person or family first-hand is better than a small sum of money from a t-shirt sale. My aim isn't telling you how to help, but to explain how direct benefits offer more help than bolstering a random company's t-shirt sales. If it helps the shirt company more than refugees, think about how you can best help.
March 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

1978 saw release of Kenny Loggins Nightwatch, but look at those awesome Kiss solo albums in the background

Kenny Loggins Nightwatch billboard with Kiss solo albums in the background
Like many of us, I only bought Ace's solo album when released, but I picked up the others later.
This billboard on the Sunset strip in Hollywood California advertises Kenny Loggins' album Nightwatch, released in 1978. It was his second album and was his highest charting album on the Billboard 200. Two years later he released the Caddyshack sound track on which he did all the tracks. I love the main theme and I'm not one to pass up a Rodney Dangerfield film nor animated gophers. It's a classic.

My interest, however, is for the billboard behind it with the Kiss Solo albums. That was a crazy year. I had discovered Kiss and became an instant fan. I began buying up their back catalog on vinyl, stoking my lust for this band. Then the unimaginable happened. Each member recorded a solo album and all four albums were released on September 18, 1978! I couldn't afford them all, but zeroed in on Ace's album.

I guess the strategy was similar to the Pokemon phrase, "Gotta catch 'em all." They must have assumed fans would buy all four albums, but many fans were like me and couldn't afford all four at once, so they sort of languished on record store shelves. It was a bold experiment, but didn't pan out as they'd hoped for. There was also quite a wide variety of music. Some of the solo albums weren't well received.

In any event, go watch Caddyshack, rock out to the quartet of Kiss solo albums, and don't forget how much great music was released in the 70s!
March 3, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Since you can't trademark an actual place, Amityville In Space released an official trailer today

Amittyville In Space - July 2022
In July 2022 this galactic horror will be released straight to DVD
I loved the original Amityville Horror film. I read the book one summer and then let the movie terrify me. None of the "real" sequels interested me much until they cast Bella Thorne in Amityville The Awakening. But the tale has launched forward in several bizarre releases due to a legal loophole. You can't trademark a real place, thus there are a few "Amityville" clones out there and this summer (in July) this horror heads to the outer reaches of our galaxy. Amittyville In Space - July 2022

I feel as though most streaming services are full of similar films that you'd never want to see in a theater, but somehow they have some appeal after searching through hundreds of tedious screens to find a awful movie to pass the time. IF only Netflix, Amazon and the slew of others offered good movies and a way to easily find them. I often spend too much time discovering how many crappy movies there are before findin a palatable option.

Most movies lose my interest quickly and I find myself checking random social junk on my phone and keeping vague track of what's going on with the TV. If you feel so inclined, snoop around Google and you'll find the trailer for Amityville In Space. By next Winter it will be clogging streaming services along with the rest of the wannabe films.
March 2, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As Intellivision searches for investors to shore up the Amico release, news & updates come to a standstill

Intellivision Amico missed the February update
Maybe they can salvage the release of the Amico, but I'm going to be wary about paying the balance due.
The end of February was tagged as the next update from the Intellivision folks regarding their floundering Amico console release. We hoped for a release date, but February slipped away with no update. Today we got the email below about additional investors, new deals and a quiet period during negotiations. OK. Thanks for the update, but it did not inspire hope or security for this project's release. We still know nothing about a potential release of the Amico. Better than nothing, but lets not forget many of us signed up for this deal in March 2020.

Today's Intellivision Amico update email:
Business Update
I wanted to take a moment to provide an update and also extend my apologies. As you know it was my goal to communicate with you by the end of February however, over the last few weeks we started discussions with potential investors/acquirers outside of the StartEngine universe. As we continue to work with them on a deal structure and terms, it has been agreed that we maintain a "quiet period" while negotiating. The magnitude of this type of deal will invariably have an influence on our path forward but are excited about the potential of a new groups' involvement with Intellivision and will update you as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.
Phil Adam
CEO Intellivision
On March 31, 2020 (about two years ago) I placed an order for an Intellivision Amico with the hope it would be released that Fall. It was not. However, a concern of mine is how these orders were positioned. We all put down $100 to reserve one of the initial units. We were put at the front of the line and wouldn't have to wait for units to arrive on store shelves. It was an exciting time as we discovered more and more about this new Intellivision console. A modern console for family gaming.

Intellivision Amico confirmation screen I hope I can find an actual invoice, but here's what scares me a bit at this point. I can stand to lose $100 if this deal fails. However, what if Tommy says things are great and then ask for the remaining funds. I believe it's another $200 to have the console shipped.

How comfortable will I be at that point sending in more money? To be honest, I bought the eight pre-sale games with the RFID cards and all that. It looks cool and I bought them thinking the console would be shipping imminently. No such luck. Am I really going to want to send in the balance of the Amico bill without a rock-solid guarantee that the consoles are actually shipping?

It seems as though we have another waiting period in which the ill-informed masses will assault social media with worthless predictions. Already folks are saying Intellivision will be bought out and the Amico games farmed out to any and all existing platforms, leaving the Amico unreleased. Others think they will make only enough consoles to satisfy pre-orders, then declare bankruptcy. It astounds me how people come up with this stuff and put it out there as if it makes them look smart. Please shut up and wait for the actual outcome.

Intellivision Amico

February 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

February 18, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kanye's latest musical mediocrity is to be released exclusively on his Stem Player, an odd looking MP3 player

Kanye's latest album is to be released exclusively on his Stem Player
What kind of unhinged ego would think anyone wants to buy his lackluster album on a weird proprietary device costing $200?
Kanye West's follow-up to Donda will be released exclusively on his media player that costs $200 - do we add twelve bucks to cover the Donda tracks? This is a great way to jumpstart poor sales on a hardware device (if anyone wants this album that badly). The sad truth is that his Donda 2 album will certainly appear on all the streaming services within a month or two. Such exclusivity can only survive if he manages to sell enough Stem players... and how likely is that?

I'm curious to see the sales stats on this Stem player. Currently most of the revenu figures come from Kanye along with the usual hype about reinventing the music industry and how customers and artists interact with music. There's some sort of tech on this thing to isolate tracks and mix them with other songs. I'm not sur there's a huge market for a cheap handheld mixing device. Pretty sure the good stuff is rack-mounted. Still he boasts about Stem's potential.

He's an annoying man with an unchecked ego that seems to grant him permission to do anything he wants. Currently, he's stalking his ex-wife and threatening her current boyfriend. This dude is crazy, just ask Taylor Swift.

Until he was dating and subsequently married KUWTK star Kim Kardashian, I'd never heard of him. Shoes, music, all that crap... never heard of him. I figured his fame came from "dating a Kardashian." I guess he has something of an empire going, but to see how he conducts himself in public, his fame seems a dubious attribute.

I'd be far more interested in a Walkman-like device with cassette and CD capability. I don't need to mix my music. As a consumer, I just wanna rock out. Sorry, Ye.
February 16, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo Wii U & 3DS eshops are closing in 2023, but funding restrictions occur much sooner

Nintendo Wii U & 3DS eshops are closing
Adding additional funds via credit card and Nintendo eShop cards will cease in mere months!
To the dismay of many, Nintendo announced the closure of the Wii U and 3DS eshops in March of 2023. At which time digital purchases will cease. The main downfall in this decision it the closure of the Virtual Console. Nintendo tried to point out all the NES and SNES games in the subscription on Switch, but owning is everything!

Nintendo Wii U & 3DS eshops are closing Tweet While disappointing, it give you the idea you have some time to round out your collection and buy additional games. Nope. the ability to add funds will stop in a few months!

On May 23, 2022 we will lose the ability to add funds to your eShop account via credit card. A few months later and the same will be true for adding funds via a Nintendo eShop card on August 29, 2022. You'll be able to use the shop up until March of 2023, but you can't buy more games without funds. Load up!

Funding options end in 2022!!
Nintendo says you will still be able to re-download games and DLC, but I'm not sure what the timeframe is for those exceptions. They have received a lot of negative feedback, but it is similar to the negativity when the Wii eShop closed - it din't change Nintendo's mind.

There are also concerns about video game preservation. what happens to exclusive digital games when the eShop closes? They simply vanish? The gaming industry has been around long enough to understand how vanishing games effect the overall business. Keeping favored games in the ecosystem seems to be relegated to the developer. If the developer wants to continue the game, they must port/update it for the latest systems. That burden seems a bit misplaced in some circumstances.

If you still want games for Wii U or 3DS, you may want to buy them sooner rather than later. The eShop is open for another year, but your ability to pay for games ends much sooner!
February 11, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kim Petras' latest EP, Slut Pop, was featured on Twitter Music and in-lights in Times Square

Her latest EP has a sex-positive message full of innuendo and explicit lyrics. She has a knack for pop!
Kim Petras' 7-song EP Dropped today and there's already controversy above and beyond her "slutty" lyrics. The album was co-written and produced by Dr. Luke who has a long history of sexual assault accusations from Kesha. It should be noted that the album is very sex-positive and hopefully it will stand on it's own without the burden of her producer's history.

Kim Petras featured on Twitter Music
Kim Petras latest album, Slut Pop Nothing on Slup Po will be included on her forthcoming album. It's a great release to bang through the Valentine's Day holiday. She has a knack for creating killer jams and laying her explicit lyrics across it all is done to perfection!

Kim Petras tweet
Kim Petras Slut Pop on Times Square NYC billboards via Spotify Kim Petras Slut Pop on Times Square NYC billboards via Spotify.
Kim Petras Slut Pop on Times Square NYC billboards via Spotify Kim Petras Slut Pop on Times Square NYC billboards via Spotify.

February 9, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I was shocked when Atari delivered the new VCS, never imagining the Amico might falter. Don't give up yet!

Intellivision Amico may be in financial difficulty
Without a significant check from an investor, Intellivision's Amico game console might not see the light of day.
Intellivision President Tommy Tallarico recently came out with news of a new CEO to handle business while Tommy managed the creative side. The news was somewhat alarming for some because Tommy has been the "face of the Amico" for years and we're accustomed to him being at the top. What some called a demotion is actually common in business and in no way a demotion. Tallarico needs to focus on core elements in the design and needed someone to take over finance. No problem, right? Well, not so fast...

If you backed Atari's recent VCS console relaunch, you may remember countless delays and months of zero communication. It seemed as if the entire project was another bust. Somehow, they managed to deliver VCS consoles to their backers. I got my swanky modern joystick about a year ago in early January. The Atari campaign was a lesson in what NOT to do. It was a joke from start to finish... but they did deliver the console. So, what gives with the Amico?

A few days ago, they sent out an email with a generic video describing the Amico and how it fits into the video game world and your living room. However, this email also contained a link to an investment page where you can buy into the development of this wondrous game console. I didn't click the link and assumed I'd been sent another feel-good, join-the-club email. Today, news is spreading like wildfire that the Amico is in a dire financial situation and the console may not ever come to market.

Don't Believe Everything You Read

While the situation they may be in is not desirable, it may not be as dire as many are claiming. Keep in mind a large portion of internet users don't believe in science and consider a deadly pandemic to be a hoax. There are a lot of idiots out there and the dumber they are, the louder they seem to shout. So, if you're hearing a lot of doom and gloom, stay the course and keep the faith. Things may not turn out the way we want, but it would be a shame to cancel your order and then miss out on the launch of a really cool game console.

The Dev Team are luminaries from the gaming industry. Don't give up yet!
I put down a deposit of $100) like many of us) to guarantee getting one of the first batch of Amicos to be delivered. If a hundred dollars is that much, you probably shouldn't have backed the project in the first place.

Sure, I'll be annoyed if I lose my money, but imagine how angry you'd be if you give up your spot on line while the rest of us are playing the coolest version of Moon Patrol to hit game systems? Stay the course.

There's been so much online drama on ever Amico post that AtariAge closed the Amico forum until the units begin shipping. Folks were getting crazy over there too. The nuts are out and they're very vocal. The truth is none of us know what is going on. The news isn't as good as it's been in the past, but only those inside know what's really going on. Everyone else is guessing. Yes, everyone!

From the AtariAge website regarding the Amico forum:
I have removed the Amico forum. A new Amico forum will return if and when the Amico is actually released and starts arriving in customers' hands. I had already considered removing the forum for various reasons, but Tommy's two posts tonight just cemented the decision, not only because he made these posts to promote his Facebook group, but also stating, "no ding-a-lings allowed" ("ding-a-ling" being a "nicer" way of saying "dicks"). While stating in one of the posts, "it's best to try and keep the drama out of Atari Age".
On the bright side, lets not forget the team Tommy amassed to work on the Amico. Many of them are veterans of the original era of the Intellivision game console and are diehard fans of bringing it back in a modern form. The Atari VCS campaign and the Coleco Chameleon endeavor didn't have this level of support from industry experts and professionals. Tommy assembled a top-notch team. when we see them jumping ship, then we can amplify our worries. Until then, lets give the Amico and Tommy Tallarico the benefit of the doubt and our support.

The Amico may not come to fruition, but lets not sink the ship based on alarmists trying to spread doom and gloom. Most people have a vague grasp, at best, of economics and how various factors influence a start-up company. Folks love to say, "the end is near," but most of them are ignorant and uneducated.

If you've made it this far, may I suggest you take a look at the SEC filing for the latest fundraising. It offers a non-biased view of what's happening. Check out the SEC filing document.
February 8, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If Blackpink was in MOBA?

Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Let your imagination roam with the notion of Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
I found these mock-ups of Blackpink as MLBB characters. Not long ago, Blackpink was featured in PUBG, but this is simply someone's wishful thinking.

Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Lisa from Blackpink imagined in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Rose from Blackpink imagined in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Jisoo from Blackpink imagined in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
Blackpink in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Jennie from Blackpink imagined in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

February 5, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Is CD rot (or DVD rot) a destiny or are you not caring for your shiny physical media?

how to prevent CD rot
It's not you. It's the manufacturer and care that determines whether your CDs, DVDs, or laserdiscs begin to rot.
When I began buying CDs in the late 80s I viewed them as a forever-media. I assumed they would last forever as long as you cared for them. And they do. However, a lot of folks have experienced a rotting of their digital media from movies and music to video games and laserdiscs. Anyone who owns Activision games for the Atari 2600 has experienced what some call label-rot. And it looks surprisingly like laser rot. The glue they used on the labels seems to produce dark spots all over the label. It seems to be a uniform factor of age and is inescapable. I feel differently about laser rot...

The first CD I bought around 1987 was Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Oz. The disc is in perfect condition and plays a wonderfully today as it did when I bought it about 30 years ago. Others have experienced rot on discs after only 20 years. How long should a CD last? I think most of the stats are based on guesswork rather than any exacting measurable science, but I've heard anywhere from 25 to 100 years.

Proper care and storage of your media will extend it's lifespan!
I've experienced rot on one of my CDs after about 25 years. I've never seen it on my DVDs, laserdiscs or video games. I generally take good care of my media both in terms of use and storage. My personal feeling is that these two factors are responsible for rot. I don't believe that there is a finite life at which any shiny disc media will rot and falter. Obviously, nothing lasts for ever and I can only speak to the media I own, but care and storage are important.

If you play your CDs in the car on a hot summer day and leave the disc in your CD player (or in the hot car) it will heat up to a temperature way above the same CD playing for it's 40 minute duration and then being stored in the case in your backpack. How about at home? Storing your media in a cool dry area is much better than a dank moist basement.

All media discs are metal encased in plastic. That plastic casing should repel any moisture or catalysts that may effect the info stored on the disc. So, what if that hot summer day causes a micro fissure in the CD's plastic and moisture gets in. Over time this will do damage to the media. My feeling is abnormal temperatures (both high and low) are bad for the plastic casing on your media.

My recommendations include always remove media from the player whether it's music, movie, or video game. Letting the media absorb additional heat is not good for the discs. As they age, the plastic outer casing may not repel the outside world as well as it once did. Storing your media in a cool dry place will keep it healthy. These two things are what I fell is most important.

Nothing lasts forever, but properly cared for items tend to last longer. Recordable media like CDs and DVDs are made by different manufacturers wo may have varying standards of production. What company today hasn't sacrificed quality for profit. It's ALL of them. If you store music, movies or info on recordable media, make sure you buy blank discs from the big companies. Buying the cheapest ones you can find may not be the best option in the long run.
February 5, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Google's Stadia has been internally demoted to Google Stream for Peleton bike experiences

Google's Stadia has been internally demoted
Seems as though Stadia is going the way of Google Glass and not living up to the game-everywhere standard they hoped for.
With high hopes of changing online gaming, Google's Stadia was to become a platform for gaming that would allow you to begin a game on your computer, switch to your TV, and take it on the go by playing it on your phone - seamlessly. It was to be as seamless as Nintendo's switch going rom living room to portable handheld gaming. Alas, it didn't really catch on. I heard too many stories about the insane network speeds needed to adequately play games on Stadia.

Business Insider reported on Stadia's demotion in a recent article, outlining it's slow decline into a streaming product for third party companies to display demos and such. A year ago Google shut down some of their internal game studios saying Stadia would focus on third party titles and other uses. Now that seems to be happening on a large scale. I'm not sure what sort of communications they've made with Stadia users, but the news seems sudden.

As Google reaches ou to more high-end companies to adopt it's "streaming" capabilities, one gets the feeling they are trying to leverage - rather than give up on - the underlying technology. Must be good for something, right? I'll bet it would make a great Zaxxon or Vanguard platform. Let's get some Atari classics in the mix. Retro is in vogue these days!

In today's tech landscape it's hard to imagine a multi-billion dollar company having interesting tech ideas, that the general public is not interested in. Google Glass was a great example. Really cool, but who wants to be "captured" by some creep following them around with the very recognizable pair of glasses?

Similarly, what market research led Google to think the gaming public wanted to play video games on multiple devices requiring high-speed internet? Interesting tech, but one wonders who was apart of their focus groups?

February 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Like every celebrity these days, Kendall Jenner has her own tequila brand called 818

Kendall Jenner's tequila brand - 818
Yeah. 818 is her area code. But It's received many accolades.
What reputable celebrity doesn't have a tequila brand? It would seem it's part of being famous. Gluten-free and winning awards, it's tasty straight from the bottle if all your glassware is dirty. At least Kendall has a sense of humor about it.

Kendall Jenner's tequila brand - 818 I know nothing about tequila, but Kendall's 818 brand has received many positive reviews across a variety of sites that seem to be reputable sources. When you look into celebrity booze brands, there's no shortage of A-list (and below) celebs who have created brands.

As a woman and part of the Kardashian clan, she received a lot of negative comments from jealous fans and those claiming cultural appropriation. That seems to have fallen off, leaving her with good reviews.

I bought a hat from her merch site before all the items were sold out. She could probably make a tidy profit just selling merch!

Hand-picked by jimadores. Slow roasted in adobe brick ovens. Aged in American oak barrels. Packaged in sustainable materials. And brought to you and your family straight from ours.

We value every step of our process and respect those who make it possible, all while fulfilling our commitment to the earth. Ultimately, we are left with our award-winning 818, bringing you some of the smoothest and most enjoyable tequila in the world.

Kendall Jenner's tequila brand - 818
February 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GTAV has been moved from console to console. Is the sixth game really on the Horizon?

Rockstar says GTA VI is in development
So are we taking this Tweet as the official notification of the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto?
Rockstar says GTA VI is in development Grand Theft Auto has emerged as one of those games that nearly everyone has played. Whether you own a copy or played a few times at a friend's house, most people are at least familiar with the franchise.

From 10-year-olds to retirees, it's fan-base is huge. This makes me wonder how this franchise can go so long between game releases. t's almost like Mario Kart in which Nintendo simply releases more cars, characters or tracks to extend interest. I guess GTA has followed this mode.

Still, the notion of carrying the same game from one console to it's successor seems foreign to me. New console - new game version. Right? Not always, I guess. I realize they update it to some degree between platforms, but it's still the same "adventure" if you will.

One can only hope that the devs can instill some new insanity into this already crazy game.
February 3, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A stretch goal for the Nintendo Quest documentary was an NES game based on the story - 7 years later, not happening

Nintendo Quest stretchgoal- not happening seven years later
This would have been an epic stretch goal, but I admire the creator for compensating his backers, all these years later!
Nintendo Quest is a documentary about game collecting. The film is about obtaining a complete set of Nintendo NES games. This documentary is really cool because it actually documented a challenge to obtain the entire North American NES game library... in 30 days. It's a great movie and I highly recommend watching it. I believe its available on streaming services.

Nintendo Quest stretchgoal- not happening seven years later I instantly backed it on Kickstarter and loved every minute of it. They had great updates and really kept their backers in the loop. when it came to one of the stretch goals, well... not so much.

At $25K they were going to contract a developer to make an NES game based on the documentary's storyline. The guy they contracted was in the process of developing an NES game he had imagined as a child and was now bringing it to life.

Even better, he was also developing a WYSIWYG coding platform that he would later sell via Kickstarter (bought that too). However, the progress on the Nintendo Quest game took a backseat to his primary project... for a long time. Then there were intermittent updates, but clearly the NQ game was not taking shape.

Eventually, I gave up on it an forgot it was even part of the deal. This was a few years after the Nintendo Quest DVD was released. Today I received the 73rd email from that seven-year-old campaign stating that the NES game was not going to happen. Even all these years later, the creator, Rob McCallum, has sought reimbursement for the expenses he incurred and is willing to work with backers who contributed funds in the hope of owning this game. That's a pro move and I applaud him for making good with his backers.

For me, I'm over it and had given up long ago. Years ago, I received a cassette tape of the documentary's soundtrack and I think that's a really cool item. Its sad the game won't come to fruition. That was a really unique stretch goal idea. If you haven't seen Nintendo Quest on stream, check it out. It's fantastic! McCallum has also made several other documentaries that are well worth seeing. Google him and enjoy his talents!
February 2, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Something truly epic needs to happen at 2:22 today.

Today is 2/2/22!
Alas, the day wound onward and nothing notable occurred.

January 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

January 20, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Record Store Day has a global ambassador who's long been a supporter of indie record stores - Taylor Swift

Record Store Day has a global ambassador Taylor Swift
She's so much more than a crossover country star dominating the world of pop music.
Aside from all the unique releases that arrive specially for Record Store Day, the event takes music to a higher level than simply listening. Album art was a huge component to music in the days of 12" vinyl albums, the canvas of the cover was planned and adorned, given equal importance as the music. Many times artwork was printed on the album's sleeve as well.

RSD reinvigorates the glory of buying and enjoying music!
Owning an album had visual and tactile elements that enhanced the listening. The bland sterility of an MP3 takes so much away from listening to music. These days music is largely a background activity that accompanies something like jogging, exercise, houseword, etc.

In my youth it was quite common to sit around the turntable and just listen to a new album. Eager to hear the latest from Aerosmith, Genesis, or Van Halen we wanted to ingest every bit of a new album's release from liner notes and art to the actual music.

Today, we have digital previews and all sorts of marketing that leads up to a new album. As a kid, new music simply appeared at retail and word spread fast. We loved hearing what our rock heroes had released. It was a moment of wonder that is largely lost today. Record Store Day brings back a lot of the joy I remember from buying records as a kid. I love the durability of CDs, but have no love for MP3 files blasting from a single Bluetooth speaker.

In her ambassador statement, Taylor Swift said:
I'm very proud to be this year's ambassador for Record Store Day. The places where we go to browse and explore and discover music new and old have always been sacred to me. Record stores are so important because they help to perpetuate and foster music-loving as a passion. They create settings for live events. They employ people who adore music thoroughly and purely. Those people and shops have had a rough few years and we need to support these small businesses more now than ever to make sure they can stay alive, stay eccentric, and stay individual.

It's been a true joy for me to watch vinyl sales grow in the past few years and we, the artists, have the fans to thank for this pleasant surprise. Happy Record Store Day, everyone! Stay safe out there.

Record Store Day has a global ambassador Taylor Swift
January 18, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Microsoft's purchase of Activision is more about Candy Crush than COD, but lets not forget those 2600 gems

Microsoft's purchase of Activision
We tend to forget there's a huge population that loves Candy Crush with an aversion to shooting while shouting into a headset.
As I began reading the stories about Microsoft's purchase of Activision for around $70 billion, I saw countless comments about the fate of Call of Duty. Sure. It's a huge franchise with a big following, but Activision is so much more including games I'd never touch like King's library of loud colorful games like Candy Crush. And it was the ex-Atari employees who became fed up and formed Activision in the late 70s, making some of the best games for Atari's 2600 VCS game console.

Hey Microsoft: Don't forget about Activision's 8-bit games!
I'm most curious to see what will become of the early games for Atari consoles. I went the Playstation route in the mid 90s, ignoring the Xbox and it's library. I couldn't afford both consoles along with the games. Will these early 80s games be locked inside the Xbox world or will they be leveraged and maybe rebooted in a "Recharged" manne as seen recently with severa Atari classics.

I really like the Recharged versions of Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. Activision has an eighties library of games lending well to such treatments. Retro seems to be an ever-growing market segment... Let's see some of those classic Activision games from the 80s return to glory. Or perhaps they'll be lumped into Xbox Game Pass. Here's hoping they share the wealth on some of their 8-bit gems!
January 15, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

G-Case is on Kickstarter purporting to be an all-in-one gaming case for Nintendo Switch

Playing Doom on an Ikea Lamp
Check out this modualar design from Plenbo that protects and expands the utility of your Switch.
Already completely funded (16 times over) on Kickstarter, Plenbo's G-Case offers a lot in addition to protecting your console. They describe it as "an ecosystem of dock, controller adapter, and travel case. I had both my DS and 2DS wrapped in Nerf cases that protected the console. The Switch costing substantially more, it's wise to protect it.

Your Switch will fit into the G-case which offers a comfortable grip with three different sized grips to best fit your hands. Games can be stored in each grip. The grip cases can be used to conjoin your Joy Cons into a single controller. If battery life is an issue, a battery pack snaps into the back for an additional five hours of play and there's even an extra battery that can be swapped out. You should be set on the longest flight or road-trip. It'll even charge your phone!

The included OneDock has all your connections from HDMI to USB-A and USB-C. There's a wireless controller adapter and a carry case that holds all the Plenbo accessories and your Switch. All the modular pieces are Gundam styled with symmetrical lines and a mechanical look.

The G-Case is compatible with the original Switch and the newer OLED model. They are not, however, compatible with both. You'll need to order the G-Case made for each switch model. This seems like a pretty slick design with a lot of thought put into the options and how they tie together. The Plenbo G-Case Kickstarter page has lots of videos and info. Check it out for more info and to see if the G-Case is right for you.
January 13, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Playing Doom on anything with a screen has evolved to "anything with a chip" like Ikea's smart lamp

Playing Doom on an Ikea Lamp
Ikea furniture seems overly complicated to assemble and leaves extra parts, but their lamps can play Doom!
There was a time when daring hacks were executed in the name of playing Doom on ANY screen. And they meant it. ANYTHING with a screen. This led to some brilliant coding to get playable Doom on all sorts of devices. Now it's the chips. Hackers are trying to use chips from the most unlikely items in order to power up a game of Doom.

This isn't new news, but I get a kick out of the sheer thought of disassembling a $14.95 Ikea smart lamp and harvesting it's ARM-based Cortex M33 processor to power Doom. An article in PC Magazine outlined how the lamp's processor was used to fire up a game of Doom... at 35fps on a 160-by-128-pixel display. Not bad! Of particular interest is his pureness of reason in wanting to run the game on the original chip inside an off-the-shelf item (like a lamp).

Had I achieved this feat, my parents would have called me an idiot for devising something without a useful purpose. I'm sure countless others would say the same thing. The truth is, such engineering knowledge can take you all sorts of places, securing a wide variety of jobs. "Smart" is a concept that often goes misjudged. The real crime is when such smarts go unused!

January 10, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When the temperatures drop, I tend to buy more hoodies

So which provides the best chance for survival - Kendall's fuzzy boots or fuzzy hat?
I'll admit my Winter fashion is far less stylish than I'd like, but my version of warmth is mostly relegated to a new hoodie. This past week I bought five new hoodies - Never done that before... ever! Radio Shack had a sale on their logo zip-up hoodies and I love a zip-u with a classic logo. Next I got an email from the Van Halen Store and for once the prices weren't sky-high! Then the Megadeth Store had a sale and I discovered another zip-up I liked.

As if that weren't enough, I stopped into my favorite local skate shop and they had a fleece-lined hoodie... and it was a zip-up too! So this week I bought 5 hoodies which almost guarantees the temperatures will roar up into the fifties.

Kendall Jenner enjoys the snow Kendall fends off hypothermia and death with fuzzy footwear.
Kendall Jenner enjoys the snow Kendall's survival instincts kicked in and her fuzzy hat added minutes to her survival strategy.

I dig Kendall Jenner. She seems to be the sanest member of her clan and her car collection is to die for. She has amazing taste in fashion and automobiles!
January 7, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Check out this Ska tribute to Mario Kart 64, Skario Kart

Ska tribute to Mario Kart 64, SKario Kart
Enjoy 16 tracks of ska arrangements of the music from this classic Nintendo 64 video game!
GameGrooves game music - celebrating the diversity, passion, and creativity of the VGM community - released Skario Kart, a 16-track album featuring ska performances from the N64 classic. The Skario Kart album is available on Bandcamp!

This ska-infused trip down memory lane, covers everything from Toad's Turnpike and Frappe Snowland to Koopa Castle and Rainbow Road. The album's 14 artists get rhythmic, funky, and even retro with a variety of different takes on the ska genre.

From the Scarlet Moon press release:
"Drawing inspiration from Skatune Network, I wanted to transform Mario Kart 64's soundtrack into a ska-filled celebration," comments GameGrooves producer Allen Brasch. "With the help of Brent and Jer from Skatune Network, I was able to contact several artists in the ska community, and together with existing GameGrooves artists, we created a one-of-a-kind album for fans of ska and video game music alike!"

Skario Kart track listing:
  1. Mario Kart 64 Theme 2
  2. Raceways / Mario Stadium
  3. Moo Moo Farm/Yoshi Valley
  4. Koopa Troopa Beach
  5. Kalimari Desert
  6. Set up and Kart Select
  7. Toad's Turnpike
  8. Frappe Snowland/Sherbert Island
  9. Choco Mountain/Battle Arenas
  10. Koopa Castle
  11. Battle Arenas
  12. DK's Jungle Party
  13. Banshee Boardwalk
  14. Rainbow Road
  15. Trophy Presentations
  16. Victory Lap
January 6, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

PlayStation VR2 is coming to PS5 with eye-tracking and some confusion about PS4

PlayStation VR2
As game hardware mixes and matches various compatible elements, how do they all fit together, if at all?
Rumors have Sony's PlayStation VR2 arriving in late 2022 for the PS5. The main attraction seems to be eye-tracking which will give developers/players another input mechanism for controlling games. Blink to fire a weapon or quickly change directions, for example. It's a pretty cool feature not found in a lot of VR options on the market. An adaptation of the Horizon series will accompany the VVR2.

It seems pretty clear that PSVR2 is exclusive to the PS5, thus owners of Sony's initial Virtual Reality setup will have to be content with keeping their PS4 on deck for their original PSVR games. Where this gets a bit muddled is the fact that the PS5 is backward compatible and can play PS4 games. Can it play PSVR games for the PS4? Will PSVR2 allow you to play your old PSVR fames? I'm guessing the answer is No, but it adds an unnecessary level of confusion to the market.

Horizon for PlayStation VR2 Most gamers won't be confused by these options, but hardware is often purchased as gifts when consoles and new accessories are released during the holiday season. The PS4 Pro console brought on a lot of questions that few had solid answers for in terms of exclusivity and new gaming standards that may have left the former PS4 over-worked.

When Grandma and Grandpa hit up Best Buy or GameStop at the end of the year, the fewer questions they have to answer, the better. One can only hope there won't be a PS5 Pro by that time.

Virtual Reality is certainly growing and gaining more traction with the price points of Oculus and PSVR becoming reasonable. A growing population is accepting one-player games that remove sight of anything outside the game (bump ouch crash). The same "headset scenario" seemed to doom similar 3D TV offerings. Gaming, although also social, may not be bound to the same expectations as watching a movie on the couch with friends. And that eye-tracking seems like a game-changing tech, really setting the PS5 apart.
January 4, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The new line-up from Arcade1Up begins with Killer Instinct and Suzo-Happ controls

Arcade1Up Killer Instinct with Suzo-Happ controls
Arcade1Up has a few more upgrades including wifi and larger screens!
Slated for a mid-January release, arcade favorite Killer Instinct is coming to the realm of Arcade1Up home video game cabinets. It comes with more bells & whistles than older games and a larger price tag. Shown at $699 on their website, the Killer Instinct game comes with a larger 17" monitor, wifi, and Suzo-Happ joysticks and buttons.

This is the arcade version of KI and the cabinet also comes with KI2, Battletoads (arcade version) as well as the 8 & 16 bit home version of Battletoads. I've felt these cabinets are too small and the controls are cheap. I've read they are now using Suzo-Happ controls wich I used for many home joystick projects and loved their quality.

While I think they are striving to deliver a better product, I'd like to see a more robust demo display in retail stores. Seeing them constantly broken at Best Buy and Walmart is uninspiring to me as a consumer. They need to be on display in more balistic manner to fend off the toxic morons that like to break things. I love the way they are expanding titles, but the size just isn't right for me.

I'll have to say, their announcement of Out Run got me excited. If I could find an in-store demo with a solid build and their new standards, I can see having one in my living room!
January 3, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

These highly-detailed diecast models from 1970's science-fiction show Space: 1999 look amazing

Space: 1999 diecast model ships
Space: 1999 was a British scifi show of 48 episodes, televised between 1975 and 1979.
A cult classic of 70s sci-fi, this TV show, Space: 1999, detailed the adventures of Moonbase Alpha, whose 311 personnel were stranded after a nuclear explosion sent the Moon hurtling into deep space. I've loved this scifi show since seeing it in the 70's. The fact that we've passed 1999 by two decades contrasts with how futuristic it seemed at it's debut.

These ten-inch diecast replica ships from Eaglemoss Hero Collector look great in a size that separates them from the typical toy models.

Space: 1999 diecast model ships Powered by 4 fusion rockets, the Eagle One could reach speeds of 23,700 miles per second, and fly for up to 48 hours. This Transporter Eagle (or "Type A") could hold 8-12 passengers, plus the pilot and co-pilot, sacrificing space for scientific equipment or weaponry in favor of a passenger pod.

Measuring an impressive 10 inches in length, the Eagle One Transporter model replica is accompanied by a companion magazine packed with design info, interviews, and more.
Space: 1999 diecast model ships Designed by Academy Award-winning SFX director Brian Johnson (Alien, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey), the Eagle One is the iconic hero ship of Space: 1999, and the primary transport for the crew of Moonbase Alpha. This modular vessel had many alternative configurations: it's presented here with its booster pod module.

Measuring an impressive 10 inches in length, the Eagle One Booster Pod model replica is accompanied by a companion magazine packed with design info, interviews, and more.

Space: 1999 diecast model ships The "Type E" Eagle One boasted a remote laboratory pod, modified from the passenger pod. It was used to locate and refine crude minerals on planetary surfaces, and offered an array of scientific equipment for contact-and-survey teams, who could use it as a planetside base for several weeks.

Measuring an impressive 9.8 inches in length, the Eagle One Laboratory is accompanied by a companion magazine packed with design info, interviews, and more.

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