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Second Quarter 2022 - April, May and June

After nearly two years of varying pandemic conditions, the rich got richer and everyone else suffered the consequences of new COVID variants brought on by the uneducated anti-maskers and hoax folks. The first year we stayed home from work and gamed. The following year, the rich ordered us back to work so the 1% would continue to benefit from our labor... and we still played games even though gas and groceries were inflated to ridiculous costs. Game on!

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June 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

June 10, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Limited Run Games officially opens pre-orders for TMNT Shredder's Revenge

TMNT Shredders Revenge
Known for long delivery times, LRG seems poised to deliver this title quickly by mid summer.
TMNT Shredders Revenge Dotemu, the folks who brought us Streets of Rage 4, have joined with Tribute Games to bring life to a new TMNT beat 'em up this summer. Releasing late July or early August, via Limited Run Games, this pixel-art brawler should satisfy fans fo this genre. With up to four players and releasing for all the major platforms, this is a game to be excited about!

Each Turtle character has unique skills and moves, complete with combos.The entire game is styled after the 1987 TV show. You'll experience old-school gameplay with some cool modern game mechanics.

Battle from Manhattan to Coney Island on rooftops and sewers! It's all here!

A new Turtles game is just what I need on my Nintendo Switch. It seems the offerings have been kind of slim for quite some time. I can browse for an hour at GameStop and still not find a game I really want to play. I remember always finding a cool game during the Wii era. Maybe it's just me and I'm getting more demanding in my old age. Who knows. But a TMNT game is just what the doctor ordered!

June 9, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It's 6/9 - Happy Bill & Ted Day!

Bill & Ted Face The Music Trilogy release
69 dudes!
Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan have become cultural icons worthy of their own "Day." There are so many great (and not so great) quotes from their movies. June ninth has become a day to celebrate the duo as their numerology alway boils down to 69 and their joint excitement of simultaneously cheering, "Sixty-nine, dudes."

While we've probably seen the last installment of this series, leaving it as a trilogy, the 2020 film Face The Music was released under unique circumstances. Thirty or so years after the prior film, Bill and Ted Face the Music reunited Alex and Keanu to reprise their roles as adults - with kids. But the viewing audience was in a global pandemic and many had been working (and hiding) at home to avoid human contact.

It's easy to see how that could wreak havoc on the movie industry. No one wanted to go to tightly packed movie theaters and sit elbow-to-elbow with someone who might have a deadly disease. Theaters shut down and the streaming business tried to fill the gaps. As a purveyor of physical media, I wasn't having it. I wanted the film on DVD!

Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan To my delight the physical release of Face The Music came in a variety of formats including the whole trilogy in one package. Compilations of a series is nothing new, but typically they arrive long after the final film has debuted - years or even decades later. Having all three films in one package on the release date made for an instant binge-watch package. A brilliant way to release a series.

This is one of the first instances of such a simultaneous release on physical media. I've seen it a few other times and love this format! During a pandemic, it was a great way to mail-order the new film and enjoy the whole trilogy. We need more of this!
June 7, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After a whole lot of silence Intellivision's CEO gives a semi hopeful update on the Amico

finally and update fromthe Amico team finally and update fromthe Amico team
No news seemed like bad news, but this update is timid toward offering hope, but the console is still an active project.
It was refreshing to hear from Intellivision regarding the development and release of their Amico video game console, the letter below - from their CEO - didn't offer any specifics or guarantees on the Amico's release. He says they are doing test production and want to ship units this year, but I don't see how they plan on achieving this.

The haven't explicitly ended the project. It's still active, but being years behind schedule with all the financial nonsense enveloping the world, it's going to be a challenge.

One aspect I don't see discussed much is cost. Remember, we put down a deposit to reserve an Amico console. So, we still have to pay off the balance prior to customer/backer delivery. I believe the original cost was $250. With the passage of years and inflation, I imagine the price will rise accordingly. I was down for the $250 price-point. What might the price be when it ships. I'm not sure this is a $350 or $400 product. I easily see a scenario of backers holding out for the console, but being surprised by the final payment!

From the Intellivision email on June 7:

It has been a while since our last official update, and I thank you for your patience. I hope that this update on the state of Intellivision will answer some of your questions and explain where we are and where we are heading. When I took over as CEO of Intellivision, my goal in leadership required some tough decisions to ensure that we launch a quality product.

1. We pulled down our investment campaign on StartEngine a few weeks after it launched in February of this year. Without better visibility of our path to profitability we felt this was the right decision in the short term. Any funds committed by StartEngine investors as part of the campaign were returned in full. Of course, this required us to take other financial measures to make up for the foregone new investment.

2. We have dramatically reined in operating costs, which unfortunately required a significant reduction in staff. Our resources are focused on engineering and testing to ensure we have a quality system, as we cannot succeed by producing anything less.

3. We are working with game development partners to license classic Intellivision intellectual property (IPs) for publication on other platforms. These licensing deals will help fund continued development of Amico. A broader distribution of Intellivision classic IP will also help raise awareness of Intellivision while not directly competing with Amico because of Amico's unique controllers and family-focused gaming adaptations. Many people in the retro gaming community have embraced us because of our family focus and the fact that all our games (including retro titles) are adapted for group play. While Amico's broad catalog will continue to include retro titles, our mission has been and remains cross-generational, in-home, family entertainment.

4. We have begun a test production run of Amico that includes every aspect of the product including packaging. This is first and foremost an assessment of our manufacturing approach and overall quality of the delivered product. It is critically important to show to our current/future investors, partners, and customers that we have built a sound platform that delivers on the in-home family experience, which requires our immediate focus on value engineering and hardening of the platform. These units should be completed in the next few weeks.

5. We are slowly processing refund requests. The public's uncertainty of our status in the last few months have understandably led to an influx of pre-order refund requests. Because of reduced staff and financing requirements for continued operation, our responses to and processing of these requests has been delayed. Rest assured that our intention is to honor all refund requests. We will allocate a portion of all new funding and staff time to winding down the refund queue, while our primary focus is funding and completing a quality product ready for manufacturing. To make sure we see your request, please submit to

6. We will focus our initial mass production on fulfilling pre-orders and supplying our two major distribution partners. The focus will remain on direct orders until our cost structure can support the margins required for retail channels. Obviously, the markets continue to be somewhat volatile with rising inflation, rising energy costs and lingering supply chain issues that affect all manufacturing businesses. This has impacted both our costs and pricing, and it has required us to narrow our initial distribution strategy. Our hope is that we start shipping production units this year.

Many challenges lie ahead for the business, and we appreciate our investors, partners and customers for your patience and support. We will be formally announcing some new IP licensing partnership deals soon, as well as showing off the Amico units currently in production. These units will be shared with partners, investors and a select few in the media. As more production units become available we will broaden the distribution to media outlets that cover our target demographic.

Thank you for your support, and thank you to our internal team and external developers that work tirelessly to create a family gaming experience on Amico that brings people of different ages and skills together in group play.

Phil Adam
June 1, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Blaze announced the new Evercade EXP handheld launching this winter with some cool upgrades

Evercade EXP
I feel like I just bought the Evercade and already there's a new one with some features I'd really love to have!
Blaze Entertainment are already replacing the original handheld Evercade with a new model that boasts some nice upgrades, but you have to wait until year's end. Slated for Winter release - which sounds like a holiday release date - and a US price of $149, the Evercade EXP model has screeen improvements, processor upgrade, and a vertical mode for arcade games with vertical-oriented monitors.

Evercade EXP I was sold on this previously unknown handheld console as soon as I heard multi-game cartridges and that each game cart focused on a genre ore developer. They have consistently released games since it's inception witch can be problematic for new consoles.

They even managed to release it as a home console with HDMI output for your living room TV. it's nice to see a company that is so in line with tech and customer suggestions, that they keep releasing more great titles and hardware.

The new screen is a 4.3" IPS screen offering brighter more vivid and pixel perfect for all your favorite arcade games. Tate moe enables you to rotate it 90 degrees like the vertical monitors in the 80s arcades. They have it designed so you'll have easy access tot he D-pad and A & B buttons.

They're introducing another control feature - L1 and L2 trigger buttons along with the traditional 4-butons from the previous model. The performance should be akin to that on the Evercade VS home console and like many consoles they're upgrading the EXP with built-in wifi. That will make upgrading the firmware much easier. Charging will also be upgraded to a USB-C port

the new handheld sounds great, but they raise the bar with announcements of two new game carts. One from Irem and the other Toplan. both of these continue the recently released Arcade series. I'm stoked for some R-Type and Moon Patrol!

The pre-order isn't until September, but which time we'll probably have a lot more info, but keep an eye out for Special Editions that may be available for pre-order much sooner.

May 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

May 23, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Blackpink featured on the cover of Rolling Stone

How Blackpink Went From Strangers to Sisters to Pop Supernovas
Check out the article on Blackpink's rise to fame, in Rolling Stone.

Blackpink on the cover of Rolling Stone
May 20, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Limited Run Games selling the soon-to-be released Atari XP games for the 2600 - limited edition versions

Atari XP games
I purchased Yar's Return last Fall from Atari, now LRG is selling all three of the limited editions!
I went with the standard version which is substantially less in price, but if you're looking for all three games, LRG has them. They are however only selling the more expensive Limited Edition versions of the games.

When I checked the Atari XP website, they seem to only be selling the Yar's Return game at this point. If you're dying to get these rare games on cartridges, now's the time. Rumor has it they are shipping in July.

Atari XP games - Yars Return Yar's Return is a sequel to the renown Yar's Revenge. Similar to it's predesessor, but enemies come at you from three sides.

Atari XP games - Sabateur Sabateur is a multi level shooter developed by Howard Scott Warshaw in 1983, You are a robot who must team up with a bird-like race to save te world from blue aliens who are trying to blow up your world with a warhead.

Atari XP games - Aquaventure Aquaventure is a prototype from 1983. Dive in an underwater cavern to retrieve treasure before running out of air. Menacing sea creatures will hone in on you to delay your descent. You can avoid them or kill them with your spear gun. A mermaid will take you to more advanced levels.
May 18, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Dr. Swift gives the commencement speech at NYU

When I think of all the Presidents and CEOs that speak at commencements, is Taylor in that league? Then it occurs to me... she's obviously above all those scumbags!
Taylor Swift gave the commencement address at NYU I don't recall who spoke at either my high school or college graduation. I'm sure I'd remember if it had been the likes of Taylor Swift. Back then I'd be down for Ace Frehley or Toni Iommi to deliver the address to the grads.

While she may not be everyone's cup-of-tea, she's probably smarter than most of the luminaries that fill these yearly speaking gigs. Taylor would likely deliver more honest advice rather than the lies from most capitalists who run companies. Dr. Swift would be a welcome breath of fresh air and honesty in a world willed with uneducated haters.

in addition to addressing the graduating class, Taylor was also given an honorary doctorate, making her Dr. Taylor Swift. Not a bad gig. I'd totally use that title. She earned it even if it is an honorary status.

Taylor Swift gave the commencement address at NYU
May 15, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Billboard Music Awards rally highlighted how much I dislike today's music

Taylor Swift gave the commencement address at NYU
Does anyone play instruments any more... something NOT rackmounted!
Most of the acts were boring. Nothing made me want to jump out of my seat and dance to the beat. This seems typical of most awards shows inside the music industry. Music has changed prolifically in just a couple of decades. At least i has for anyone who likes rock and roll.

The one standout was Alexa. She was a presenter on the BBMAs since she recently won American Song Contest, a TV game show. I have to say she is laden with potential. She tore it up on ASC and asa presenter, she was bold and did a great job. She seems hella cool and in today's music scene - that's pretty rare.

I know there are lots of folks who are pissed that these mainstream shows completely ignore Rock and Metal genres for the most part. I can deal with that. My issue is today's music in general and the lack of style we had in the 70s and 80s. Today's music is all the same. No one stands out. I like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. both are phenomenally talented.

Taylor Swift gave the commencement address at NYU
Keep an eye on Alexa. She seems super cool and going places fast!
May 9, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is back on an NES cartridge

Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team screenshots
Merging the best arcade & console beat-em-ups led to an NES cart worthy of re-release!
Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team is an unusual game in that it melds two popular games into one NES game originally released in 1993. Now in 2022, several retailers from retro-bit to Funstock are selling this repro cart with box and manual. If you're a fan, jump on this offer while it's available.

Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team game cartridge

April 2022 Retro Gaming Articles:

April 1, 2022 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Happy April Fools Day! We highly suggest you believe nothing you see or read on the web today.

It's all lies! Lies, I tell you.
I'm uncertain which of these is the least likely. Neither seem realistic. I'd love to have an Inty Amico, but noodling around on a Dean Keytar sounds pretty cool too... just April fools

Dean Guitars April Fools concept - the keytar Yeah, I don't think a Keytar is on Dean's production schedule this year.
Intellivision Amico in purple The intellivision Amico console is a great idea, but it seems it won't come to fruition. Numerous delays, presumable from COVID related shipping and supply chain issues, make it's appearance very unlikely. We're nearing the "sorry we took your money" phase.

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