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In addition to helping promote and preserve retro gaming, we want to meet like-minded gamers who don't mind an old game console with a cartridge slot. Retro gaming isn't for everyone, but we still want to shove it in front of anyone who will listen. :)

We have two programs to help promote other sites. If you'd like to participate, we ask that you reciprocate the same promotion for 8-Bit Central :)

  1. Simple link exchange - We link to your website from our LINKS page.
  2. Friend Program - Your logo is added to our "Friends Bar" that appears on every page of this site. We promote your site/content via social media.

Contact us for more info or to join one of our promotional programs.

1) Link Exchange with 8-Bit Central

If you don't have the time for the promotional side of our Friends program, we'd still like a link on your site and we'll put your link on our Links page.

Feel free to use one of our logos below or just use a text link. Thanks!

2) 8-Bit Central's Friend Program

Part of promoting retro gaming involves finding others who feel the same way we do. When we find a cool retro gaming site, we like to mention them in our blog and on social media - on a fairly regular basis. We visit these sites to promote new articles and info on our social media accounts.

As part of our Friend program, we ask that you link to our site and promote 8-Bit Central via your website and periodically via your social media accounts. In exchange, we'll do the same promotion for you as well as include your logo and URL in our Friends Bar, which appears on every page on our site. This can be seen in the purple box below.

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Save an image (below) to your computer and copy the RED text below. Then insert it into your website's code (change the path to your own domain name) to display and link via our logo. Please copy our logo image to your local server/host.
Please do not link our logo from our servers. Thanks ;)

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