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Intro to the Intellivision II

I was an Atari-kid, but a friend of mine got an Intellivision for Christmas and I was impressed with the sports games (even though I hate sports), but thought many of the other games were bad renditions of my beloved Atari 2600 games. My primary experience with Mattel was Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. It wasn't until finding Intellivision Lives on PS2 that I decided I needed to get the original consoles.

Intellivision II - Technical Specifications

In addition to the Entertainment Computer System (ECS) module, 1983 also saw the introduction of a redesigned model, called the Intellivision II, featuring detachable controllers and streamlined case, the System Changer (which played Atari 2600 games on the Intellivision II), and a music keyboard add-on for the ECS.


Like the ECS, Intellivision II was designed first and foremost to be inexpensive to manufacture. Among other things, the raised bubble keypad of the original hand controller was replaced by a flat membrane keyboard surface. However, because many Intellivision games had been designed for users to play by feeling the buttons without looking down, some of these games were far less playable on Intellivision II.

Images of Mattel's Intellivision II

intellivision II console
intellivision II controller
intellivision II System Changer
intellivision II controller plug

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