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Mario Candy Tin

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Au'Some Mario Candy Container

Collectible metal tins are fairly easy to come by but have always caught my attention. I can only wonder what possessed me to buy this plastic candy container. The power of Mario is strong!

Au'Some Mario Candy Container

Mario Candy Toys R Us has a knack for stocking the impulse rack in their Gaming area with all sorts of atrocities that appeal to me for unknown reasons. We all know the candy will either be way too sweet or have a lingering taste from the toxic container. I prefer the metal candy containers, but couldn't resist the Mario topper.
Mario Candy For what it's worth... the barrel does have the official Nintendo Seal of Approval. I doubt they approved much more than the profit ration.
Mario Candy In addition to the toxic candy, the mario figure on top has moving arms and his head turns. This way you can adjust him to simulate vomiting nasty candy in a variety of poses.

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