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Intro to the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Nintendo had won me over on both the home console and portable fronts. When I heard of this kooky 3D console that introduced the idea of a virtual reality (VR) helmet, I had to have one. VR was a hot idea back in the day. Anything that offered an immersive experience was thought to be insanely high tech. Not everyone shared my enthusiasm. In fact, few people wanted to stuff their head into this thing to play a 2-color game... in red.

Nintendo Virtual Boy - Technical Specifications

Nintendo's Virtual Boy (also known as the VR-32 and Virtual Utopia Experience during development) was the first video game console capable of displaying "true 3D graphics" out of the box. Whereas most video games use monocular cues to achieve the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional screen, the Virtual Boy creates an illusion of depth through the effect known as parallax. In a manner similar to using a head-mounted display, the user looks into an eyepiece made of neoprene on the front of the machine, and then an eyeglass-style projector allows viewing of the monochromatic (in this case, red) image.

It was released on July 21, 1995 in Japan and August 14, 1995 in North America at a price of around US$180. It met with a lukewarm reception that was unaffected by continued price drops. Nintendo discontinued it the following year.

Images of the Nintendo Virtual Boy

Nintendo Virtual Boy in box
VirtualBoy on metal stand
VirtualBoy on metal stand
VirtualBoy joystick controller

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Virtual Boy Owner's Manual

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