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8 Bits Of influence

All sorts of things Influence us. Both good things and heinous things wield influence over us. In keeping with this notion, this is not a "Best Of" nor "Top 10" (or eight) list. Each panel represents things that have made me see things differently, discover new passions, and take certain paths. Join in and see if any of these pop-culture relics are part of your current world!

We all have passions and favorites that may seem peripheral to our daily lives, but when you stop and think about why you are drawn to certain things, you see how vitally important they really are to you. We know the feeling. Don't we all have a song that instantly teleports us to a specific time, memory, or event? Or maybe it's a video game, comic book character, or book. As soon as you see or hear it, you know the amazing place it brings to you!

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