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I've had the opportunity to write some freelance articles for other sites and wanted to keep track of them. I've listed them below in chronological order.

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Mage's Initiation - A Classic Sierra-style Adventure/RPG on Kickstarter
March 12, 2013
Having grown up through the dawn of video gaming, before the internet, I recall eagerly flipping through gaming magazines wondering when the next big release would be on store shelves. These days, crowd-funding is emerging as a means of producing a wide variety of video game endeavors.

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Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Is Available For Pre-Order
April 2, 2013
As a child, April Fools Day was fun. Pranks ran the gamut from fibbing about lottery winnings to telling friends you were moving to another country. In the Internet age, April 1st is simply annoying. What can you believe on April 1st? Nothing!

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Cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike meets RTS in pixel art - C-Wars from Onipunks
April 19, 2013
Once considered obscure, roguelike games are not in short supply these days and more and more of them are appearing. The team at Onipunks are working on their first commercial game, C-Wars - and they are laden with passion for gaming.

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