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Pack-In Games

Most home video game consoles have a game included in the packaging, called a pack-in game. While some of them are better than others, it gives you a game to play as soon as you hook up your new console. Many of us bought consoles for a specific title they wanted to play. Here is an example of the game we were dying to play when we bought this console...

Nintendo SNES

When I bought a new Nintendo SNES, it came with Super Mario World, but I really wanted Star Fox!

Nintendo SNES pack-in game

Having liked Super Mario Bros. on my NES, I was definitely excited to see what Super Mario World had to offer on the SNES. However, I had my sights set on Star Fox! Having read about the FX chips in game carts, I was very curious about it's effect on the game. Never regretted that purchase :)

pack-in game

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