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Pack-In Games

Most home video game consoles have a game included in the packaging, called a pack-in game. While some of them are better than others, it gives you a game to play as soon as you hook up your new console. Many of us bought consoles for a specific title they wanted to play. Here is an example of the game we were dying to play when we bought this console...

Sony PS4

When I bought a new Sony PS4 console, it came with Uncharted 4, but I really wanted Atari Flashback Classics!

Sony PS4 pack-in game

When Christmas came around and the PS4 had been on retail shelves for a few years, I decided to pick one up for my son and I. This would be our most powerful console and I was eager to see if the graphics were a real step up from our PS3. We enjoyed the Uncharted games in the past and were very interested in the fourth game, but I was fixated on a retro gaming purchase.

I was manic to buy AtGames' Atari Flashback Collection Vol 1 & 2. At the time, they were only available for PS4 and Xox One. To be honest these two collections of vintage Atari arcade & console games were the primary reason I was interested in the PS4. After owning it for a few months, I was surprised at the quantity of "retro" games that would become available for the PS4.

pack-in game

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