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8-Bit Central's Social Networks

Social Networking offers a lot of great video game news, images, and information. There is a surprisingly large amount of retro gaming information on social media. Made up of thousands of sites across all the larger networks, retro gamers contribute a tremendous amount of info.

We like to post to social media for two reasons:

  1. Showcasing our retro gaming blog articles and images posted daily to our website
  2. Posting video game info published by other gaming outlets and social media sites

Here are the current Social Media sites we use:

8-bit Central on Twitter

8-Bit Central Twitter account

8-bit Central on Instagram

8-Bit Central Instagram account
8-Bit Central Instagram account

Join us on Instagram as we journey through local arcades and video game pickups - with a few comic book, music, and pop culture inclusions!

8-bit Central on Facebook

8-Bit Central Facebook account

8-bit Central on Pinterest

8-Bit Central Pinterest account

8-bit Central on YouTube

8-Bit Central YouTube account

8-bit Central on Tumblr

8-Bit Central Tumblr account

8-bit Central on SnapChat

8-Bit Central SnapChat account

8-bit Central on Ello

8-Bit Central Ello account

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