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Epyx's Jumpman Junior -Colecovision
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 Colecovision console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewEpyx's Jumpman Junior for Colecovision Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Jumpman Junior
Manufacturer: Epyx
Platform: Colecovision
Release Date: 1984
Part #: 590
Rating: 4 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Epyx's Jumpman Junior Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating
Epyx's Jumpman Junior Screenshot:
Epyx's Jumpman Junior for Colecovision screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review

Fast, fun and platforms! Jumpman Junior may lack some of the expansive levels of "senior", but this is a real delight with interesting objectives, varying screens levels progress, and attacks coming from different directions. Many have likened Jumpman Junior to Donkey Kong, but it's similarity doesn't seem to extend beyond being a platformer.

At the time, "platformer" wasn't an established genre and some may seem similarities in another platformer, but Jumpman Junior is no clone or derivative. It's wonderfully unique.

I love the fast pace and the ability to adjust Jumpman Jr's speed at the beginning of the game. He's small in stature, compared to many games that take place on a single screen per level. Despite his size, he's very well animated. From running and jumping to climbing, the small figure is nicely articulated and very responsive.

Jumpman Junior Story Arc

On the far side of Jupiter lies the Jupiter Command Substation, a valuable outpost of planet Earth. The ALIENATORS, dreaded enemies from beyond our solar system, have already attacked Jupiter Command Station and are now invading the Substation! Can it be saved?

Holy shit! Check this out...
The "junior" suggests that this is a sequel or part of a series. Developer, Randy Glover created Jumpman and then coded Jumpman Junior to further extend
the title to other platforms that didn't have access to larger storage mediums - primarily cart based systems. He saw it as a "light" version with fewer levels and smaller memory footprint.

Jumpman, Jupiter's super secret agent, is desperately trying to restore communications at the Command Station. As the promising apprentice to Jumpman, you, Jumpman Junior, have received an emergency request to drive back the Alienators.

You must defuse the bombs planted throughout the Substation's 12 levels before they explode, crumbling the outpost instantly. Your speed jumping ability and courage are your only weapons against the enemy.

Maneuvering Jumpman Junior up and down the ladders, ropes and elevators to reach the bombs use his jet boosters to leap away from electrocution traps, moving walls and ever-present bullets. GOOD LUCK! Jumpman--and the entire planet--are counting on you.

Jumpman Junior Game Play

This one or two-player game starts off with 4 lives (additional lives every 7,500 points) and lots of action. Ok, actually, it begins with a series of selectable options, but that's really cool! You select the number of players and then each of them can select the speed of their Jumpman Jr. on a scale of 1 to 8. That's a nice range in which to hone the skills of 2 players or to experiment with the different settings.

Once game play begins, you battle and jump through the games's 12 levels. Your job is to diffuse all the Alienator's bombs (via touch) and progress to the next level. When you complete the 12th level, the levels will repeat randomly. Your jumps must be accurate else you may miss your landing and lose a life. You must also dodge a variety of elements like fireballs and bullets being fired at you as you navigate the screen diffusing bombs.

You can climb up and down ladders, however there are ropes that only allow you to climb in one direction. You earn points by diffusing bombs, but the big points come at the end of each level where you earn oints for lives remaining and based on the clock and how fast you completed the level.

This will quickly become a favorite Colecovision game. It has high replay value with it's 12 different screens and random enemy fire. Two player is a lot of fun... if only it had co-op. :)

 Colecovision console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

Epyx's Jumpman Junior

is a fast paced platformer that has some interesting maze elements and strategy that becomes more apparent as you play more. It has good replay value and the controls are really good.

We have to say this is an excellent game-night game with plenty of manic action to generate attention and rowdy cheers!

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