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William's Arcade's Greatest Hits -Nintendo SNES
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 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewWilliam's Arcade's Greatest Hits for Nintendo SNES Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Arcade's Greatest Hits
Manufacturer: Williams
Platform: Nintendo SNES
Release Date: 1996
Part #: SNS-AW8E-USA
Rating: 3 out of 5
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Rating: William's Arcade's Greatest Hits Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating ESRB Classic Video Game Rating
William's Arcade's Greatest Hits Screenshot:
William's Arcade's Greatest Hits for Nintendo SNES screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review Arcade's Greatest Hits

Sony's original PlayStation was the first console on which I owned William's Arcade's Greatest Hits. It's interesting that they still released this game for the SNES considering it contained fewer games than the PS release and the SNES was being replaced by the N64. Regardless I love this game. The idea of having multiple arcade classics on a console powerful enough to properly play them was an amazing thing.

All those arcade ports to the Atari 2600 were fun and this was another step closer (visually speaking) to being in the arcade. I guess the install-base of SNES consoles justified this release, since it was released the same year as the PlayStation version - which looked much better and had an additional title, Bubbles. I'm certain the SNES had enough horsepower to properly display all these games in their full arcade beauty. Perhaps this release was rushed or not given adequate resources due to the age of the SNES and advent of the N64.

Holy shit! Check this out...
William's Arcade's Greatest Hits was released for the Super NES, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, and Sega Saturn consoles. It's an anthology of 80s arcade games from
the Williams Electronics company. Included on PlayStation release are video clips and concept arts, along with the original debug menus, due to the PlayStation and PC ports being emulations instead of rewritten code.

However, if you owned an SNES and hadn't upgraded to the next round of home game consoles, it was a real treat to have William's Arcade's Greatest Hits available to you. The following games are included on the SNES release:

All the games are fun to play. My only complaint really has nothing to do with the game as much as it does the control options for the SNES. Robotron was made for dual joysticks. The arcade game had 2 joysticks and no buttons. It was a great control sceme that really set the mood for the ensuing game. Atari knew this and bundled a conjoiner with the 5200 release of Robotron: 2084. The SNES controllers just don't do it justice... but it's still a blast to play!

 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

William's Arcade's Greatest Hits

will bring back all sorts of arcade memories. I suggest the Playstation version of this compilation for truer graphics, but this is a fun romp through the 80 according to Williams.

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