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Hi Tech's Barbie Super Model -Nintendo SNES
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 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewHi Tech Expression's Barbie Super Model for Nintendo SNES Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Barbie Super Model
Manufacturer: Hi Tech Expression
Platform: Nintendo SNES
Release Date: 1994
Part #: SNS-8L-USA
Rating: 1.5 out of 5
ESRB Rating: N/A

Rating: Hi Tech Expression's Barbie Super Model Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating
Hi Tech Expression's Barbie Super Model Screenshot:
Hi Tech Expression's Barbie Super Model for Nintendo SNES screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review Barbie Super Model

My experience with Barbie was the stereotypical notion from childhood that Barbie made a pretty good date for G.I. Joe. I further justified it with the thought that Joe was a much better catch than Ken. I figured Barbie would be far more interested in a hero like Joe even if Ken had a convertible.

Toy and game executives have always assumed that girls are infatuated by anything pink. It's as if none of them have a daughter to talk to and get a real-life opinion on the matter. I'm pretty sure girls like a wide array of colors.

I'm not sure why I decided to dive into a Barbie video game. I've never had a high opinion of them, but I'm willing to dive in and see what it has to offer. Having done this... I may be reluctant to try another one.

Barbie Super Model Story Arc

Barbie has been invited to participate in a national super model competition. The winner will become one of the world's top models. The first tryout is in Hollywood then off to hHawaii, Vail and New York. Barbie will be a busy girl.

Barbie Super Model Game Play

The game has 2 variations. The Junior model setting lets you dabble in the dressing room and other stuff, While the Super Model setting enables you to visit the 4 cities and compete.

Holy shit! Check this out...
Barbie has been a fashion icon in the form of a doll since her launch in 1959. Manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, she's undergone a variety of body types and careers. None of these have satisfied detractors who claim this doll ruins the chances of
young girls aspiring to anything worthwhile. Statistically - that is crap. Girls have been just fine. The only valid complaint is that Barbie video games seem to pander to stereotypes and under-deliver on potential.

I started out in a sports car where I was trying to avoid other drivers as I collected things that appeared to require collecting. After dashing into a changing room, I was able to replicate the outfit displayed on a magazine cover.

I was whisked away to what looked like a gym and forced into one of those "follow me" routines of button pressing. Each correct button-press moved Barbie ahead another space. After making the circuit about 5 or 6 times I was close to aborting the fun with the pull of the plug. Then I realized it was the practice run for my fashion show at the level's end. Silly me.

Each level teaches you 4 moves that you have to recreate at the end of the level on the fashion runway. You get points for correctly repeating the moves. I'm not runway material ;)

Despite having power-up items to allow bonus play, it wasn't too fulfilling. Certainly the game is targeted towards girls, but I'm pretty sure most girls would rather a FPS than this pinkfest of disillusion. There simply isn't much compelling content. I'd have been stoked to win a few pageants, but even the thrill of victory felt hollow.

Barbie Super Model tries hard to convince you that it's variety of mini games and chalenges are "part" of the fashion centric game, but I wasn't too convinced. As a guy I suppose it'snot fair of me to review a game aimed at young girls. However, I feel that young girls desserve a better gaming experience. And the lack of fun wasn't a facet of older technology. The logistics didn't add up and it didn't deliver a compelling experience.

Maybe I'm getting bitchy about not being crowned a Super Model.

 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

Hi Tech Expression's Barbie Super Model

is pretty much what you might expect. The game loosely ties in the idea of competing in a whirlwind fashion show across 4 cities, but as a game it simply doesn't deliver what it should. There area a variety of side challenges of sorts, but the whole thing feels forced and doesn't really capture any excitement of a fashion competition. On the other hand... I'm a guy.

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