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Viacom's Beavis & Butthead -Nintendo SNES
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 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game ReviewViacom's Beavis & Butthead for Nintendo SNES Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Title: Beavis & Butthead
Manufacturer: Viacom
Platform: Nintendo SNES
Release Date: 1994
Rating: 2 out of 5
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Rating: Viacom's Beavis & Butthead Classic Retro Video Game Review Rating ESRB Classic Video Game Rating
Viacom's Beavis & Butthead Screenshot:
Viacom's Beavis & Butthead for Nintendo SNES screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review Beavis & Butthead start up screen

I loved Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead on Mtv. These two cartoon dimwits came on the scene while Mtv was still playing music videos and their hysterically bizarre commentary helped put more than a few bands on the map. Who'd have thought they would help bolster careers of any sort?

Part of what made Beavis & Butthead fun was their interaction. They would initiate statements of brilliance only to reveal their true moronic selves. From catch phrases to concocted song lyrics their general misunderstanding of everything around them was delightfully spot-on.

I always loved when they turned Judas Priest's Breaking the Law into "Washing the Dog". It was fits of genius like this that made the show relatable on many levels and a ton of fun to watch. Alas, their manic fun didn't translate to the SNES video game. On the start up screen you can press the controller buttons to make them laugh, but the interactivity falls off sharply once the game starts.

Beavis & Butthead Story Arc

Desperate to attend a GWAR concert, Beavis and Butthead scheme to find a way to gain free entry to the concert. For reasons unknown, they decide that taking a photo of how cool they are will prompt GWAR to let them into the concert for free. They travel through their neighborhood, school, hospital, and mall on a quest to take a cool photo and see GWAR.

Holy shit! Check this out...
Beavis and Butthead originated from Frog Baseball, a 1992 short film by Judge that originally aired on Liquid Television.
The series first ran from March 1993 to November 1997. In 1996, it was adapted into an animated feature film called Beavis and Butt-head Do America. There was a brief reboot of the TV series, again on Mtv, in 2011.

Beavis & Butthead Game Play

Where most games have lives or a life meter, Beavis and Butthead have a meter showing their attention span. You can play solo as Butthead or let Player-2 join as Beavis as you take photos across 4 different areas.

These areas are Highland High School, the streets of Highland, Highland Hospital and the Turbo Mall 2000. Pick any area you'd like formt he channel surfing menu. But you have to complete all 4 areas and get photos before yo can try the final level - the GWAR concert.

Viacom's Beavis & Butthead for Nintendo SNES screenshot Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review

After completing a level (channel) you can play a mini game called Couch Fishing. This will let you garner a few items that may assist you in the next wave. When you reach the final GWAR level, the security guards may not like your photos, but you can sneak past them and try to get a photo with the band.

What didn't work for me in this game was that their quip and quirks didn't really come through in the game. There's really no dialog, so the whole think relies on what they do. In the TV series, it was their dialog that really made them funny. Having them perform through a series of challenges doesn't really bring out why I adored the TV series. Should your attention span run out, the two boys seem to wind up in Hell.

If you love Beavis and Butthead you'll likely want to give this game a whirl. It's full of bright graphics and the control is quite good. It's an average platformer with challenges. My gripe is the humor doesn't come through enough.

 Nintendo SNES console Classic Retro Gaming Video Game Review
Final Judgement:

Viacom's Beavis & Butthead

offers a really good visual of the two guys, but their real appeal cam from their banter. With no dialog, that element doesn't really come through. They did a nice job visually creating the characters, but their humor was very tied to the dialog.

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