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Intro to the SNK NeoGeo X

Although I never owned a NeoGeo AES, I had numerous hours (and quarters) invested in their arcade games. The AES was far to expensive for me when it arrived in January 1990. Through some twist of fate, SNK Playmore released a limited edition update to the NeoGeo AES in the form of a handheld device with an elaborate cradle (styled to mimic the look of the original AES) called the NeoGeo X. Released on December 18, 2012, it also came with an arcade joystick also styled like the AES'.

I knew this was likely going to be a very limited run and nostalgia (and retro gaming smarts) kicked in an I pre-ordered the Gold Edition which arrived just in time for Christmas 2012!

SNK NeoGeo X - Technical Specifications

The Neo-Geo X is a handheld video game console licensed by SNK Playmore and the latest console released as part of the company's NeoGeo brand. Information about the Neo-Geo X was first reported in January 2012 and the console was later confirmed in March. It marks the first invented Neo-Geo branded console in 13 years, following the NeoGeo Pocket Color in 1999 and the first produced Neo-Geo in 8 years (handheld in 11 years).

The device runs games that ran on the original NeoGeo AES/MVS hardware and comes with 20 original NeoGeo games pre-installed. Additional titles are to be made available on Game cards. The console was released on December 18, 2012 as part of a bundle called the Neo-Geo X Gold package, which includes a docking station modeled after the original NeoGeo AES console and a replica of the NeoGeo AES joystick that can be used as a controller for the handheld.

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Sony NeoGeo X
Sony NeoGeo X
Sony NeoGeo X
Sony NeoGeo X

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NeoGeo X - retro respect for the SNK AES video game console

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