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Nintendo's amiibo sales are thriving with collectors, but is anyone playing them in-game?

There's no shortage of Nintendo themed toys on the market, so I'm a bit surprised at the fast-paced sales figures of amiibos. I don't consider them toys, yet I don't hear many conversations about amiibo's game-play.

Nintendo's amiibo sales are thriving with collectors, but is anyone playing them in-game?

Nintendo's amiibo sales are thriving with collectors, but is anyone playing them in-game?

I wouldn't classify amiibos as toys any more than other NFC figures from Activision's Skylanders or Disney's Infinity. Their physical form certainly strays from video game norms, but Skylanders Trap Team is the 4th game in the series, so customers are pretty familiar with the concept.

I use the "toy " comparison simply because most of the conversations I've seen about amiibos revolve around collecting them. Rumors have flown around the Internet about character discontinuations and customer order cancelations. There is also a "rarity" associated with several of these figures (Villager and Wii Fit Trainer among others) despite being only a few months old! Check prices on eBay.

Nintendo hasn't done much to calm rumors about actual cancelations. They may have added to the confusion saying that some characters may come back later. Folks are relying on info from various retailers which may not be very accurate depending on who they've talked to.

amiibo Game-Play

Aside from rarity issues and a fair amount of misinformation, I haven't head many conversations about amiibos and game-play. Reviews state how nice they look and folks certainly enjoy talking about which ones they own/want... but what about in-game!

Since these NFC (Near Field Communication) figures can be used in any game that supports amiibos, I'm curious to see how this changes game-play. I'm familiar with the different strategies within Skylanders, but I'd love to know more about the amiibo's role in various games. They do different things, depending on which game is played, from introducing characters, customizing costumes and generating power-ups.

Even though we are accustomed to seeing Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures in game stores, the amiibos are similar , but offer wider options. This is due to their cross-game compatibility and the technology being built-in to the Wii U GamePad. Both these factors make me think that Nintendo has created much more than the next generation in NFC gaming options.

If you own a heard of amiibos, chime in and tell us your gaming experiences with them! We sympathize with the cancellation issues - I want the Villager - but lets tap them on the GamePad and report the results. :)

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