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Here is our collection of video rants, raves & opinions about classic video games, retro gaming and the video game industry that has spawned around us all. It's one thing to blog - it's quite another to stand in front of a camera and shout about stuff. We dig that! :)

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5 gaming books that make great holiday gifts December 12, 2018
5 gaming books that make great holiday gifts A quick look at five books we've recently enjoyed and would give to others as great gaming gifts. Everyone should get a book for the holidays!

As the PlayStation Classic looms, do we need mini consoles or better ways to play retro games? September 19, 2018
Nintendo under-delivers NES Classic Edition while WalMart hoards product for week-after sale As outlet strips and HDMI switch-boxes pile up around my TV, I wonder if we need to relive every retro console with a mini replica that takes up valuable space. I'd love to see the retro games and controllers bundled and playable on a modern console. This would be similar to Nintendo's NES joy cons sold for playing NES games on Switch.

Arcade1Up: 3/4 scale arcade games with classic retro games and authentic controls September 12, 2016
AArcade1Up: 3/4 scale arcade games with classic retro games and authentic controls These 3/4 height arcade cabinets will be sold locally at a variety of stores and contain between 2and 4 games... along with a 12-game model. We love 'em, but we're on the fence.

Corporate greed and bad timing ruined Toys R Us, but was management seeking salvation or golden parachutes? March 22, 2018
Corporate greed and bad timing ruined Toys R Us, but was management seeking salvation or golden parachutes? After entering into bankruptcy, TRU payed out millions in "retainment bonuses" to those trying to "save" the store. Then they shut down six months later. Nothing could have been done in six months to resolve their dilema. Greed ruins.

Atari reveals the Ataribox joystick, but can it be used to play modern games? November 22, 2017
Atari reveales the Ataribox joystick, but can it be used to play modern games? Atari claims their upcoming video game console will play retro games as well as modern games. That sounds great, but the controller they presented has one fire button... it's a near duplication of the old 2600 VCS joystick. I hope they have a modern controller for today's games.

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8-Bit Central's Video Game Cave Studio

I could expound on video games (aka: rant & rave) from the comfort of my couch, wrapped in a bathrobe, with a cup of coffee in my hand. And I'd love to, but there's a feeling of vulnerability that leaves me wanting to "hide" a little bit.

video game studio table podium

We began thinking about how to present our foul-mouthed video ravings and concluded that we needed some sort of table on which to put gaming consoles and other gaming detritus we wanted to discuss. It had to be something flexible enough to display large and/or multiple items as well as be functional (ie: something to hide behind. This is a boner-free show, after all).

Being a fan of unconventional shapes, I wanted to try something oddly angular that might be more eye-catching than conventional tables. For flexibility, I built it with a removable facing so we could change things up and not get too staid. After cutting the final template, we looked at it and pondered what to do about the seemingly useless space which we are much to artistically challenged to properly fill. What could we put there...

A television!! Fuck yeah! We decided to cut a hole and drop a cheap flatscreen TV into that void and use it to animate our logo, play game footage and random flicks from the beloved 80's. Using the template from our Twitter avatar, we made an stencil for spray painting the jagged outline in hot pink to match our blue & pink logo colors. We also made a few blanks so we can swap out the TV with little effort.

Would you believe a single king-size bed sheet wasn't large enough to fill a 16:9 aspect ratio while managing to fit in our splendid TV insert? The last thing we wanted to waste money on was a backdrop, so the biggest challenge was finding 2 matching king-size sheets at the dollar store. They had some really nice ones, but not two sets - shit! Hence the burgundy ones seen in our videos. As soon as a new shipment of defective, but aptly colored, sheets arrive we'll be sure to spruce up the set with a new background. We might even iron it periodically so we don't look like we "set up shop" in a laundromat.

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We're excited to bring you some low-budget retro gaming entertainment. We've gamed long enough to know a few things and we're never short on opinions. Hopefully you'll tag along for our rants, complaining and the occasional interesting tidbit. We'll post our videos to this page, but we encourage you to subscribe to our 8 Bit Central YouTube Channel.